Sunday, August 7, 2011

[Profession Guide] Scavenger and Armorsmith

I finally reached level 40 and was anxious to try out two new professions. This meant that I had to freeze one I already had and pick up Scavenger and Armorsmith. I chose those two because Scavenger is necessary for Armorsmithing.

I'll cut right to the conclusion by saying that Armorsmith, unless something still eludes me, is definitely not something to have unless you have lots of Gold Coins to spend. Scavenger on the other hand is very handy for money making. And with the money you make from scavenging quest rewards or cheap items from the auction house you can make enough Gold Coins to buy the items you need.

Freezing a Job

Just like it says, freezing a job means the job will be frozen and you get a Job Point to spend wherever you want. A frozen job means you cannot gain more Job Experience but you also don't lose any progress/recipes you had for that Job. To freeze a Job you need Wisdom Fruits. As fair as I know there's only two ways to obtain these:
  • Eyrda Boutique (costs 120 eyrda leaves to buy one)
  • Certain quests and on some Achievement Trophies.
Once you have your Wisdom Fruit just open your Job interface and click the Freeze button on the bottom-right of the Job panel. After that just select the Job you wish to freeze. I chose fishing simply because it's boring and consumes too much energy too easily. Besides, there is no real profit in fishing. More so if you compare it with Botany. The only real alternative would be to freeze Mining, but since I will be needing mining once I start Jewelcrafting at level 45, that wasn't an option.


This is a very useful profession. You can turn green quality items (as long as they have a level requirement above 40) and blue quality items (above level 30) into useful stuff for Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing.

Green quality items level 40-49 are turned into a random set of 2 splinters. There are 4 types of splinters:
  • Illyfue Splinter
  • Mylvada Splinter
  • Vyda Splinter
  • Tytan Splinter
Level 30-39 Blue quality items are turned into a random set of 2 splinters and 2 prisms. The Prisms have also the same name as the splinters:
  • Illyfue Prism
  • Mylvada Prism
  • Vyda Prism
  • Tytan Prism
I usually just sell at the Auction House whatever I got. I have a series of rules to set my prices. First, I always check the market to see how much I can get from an item. Then I have certain minimum prices for items. So if the market is too low I don't put them for sale. If the market is REALLY low I even buy the items and stock up. I usually put the splinters for sale between 10-20 silver each and the Prisms between 30-50 silver. This gives me a 20 silver income on greens and around 80 silver on blues. So as you can see, if I can buy blues under 60 silver and greens under 10 silver, I do it. The rest is just profit.


I will be very brief since I chose not to continue this profession. First, you have to spent 70 silver for each recipe. Each recipe (at level 1) has the following requirements:
  • 3-6 splinters of a certain type
  • 3-6 splinters of another type
  • 6 Red Quicksilver Ore
  • 10 Vigor (YES! 10!)
The recipes are not for Blue Quality items, it's for Green Items. And as far as I understand it, you have a chance at creating a Blue quality item each type you create a new item. This would put the cost, in terms of Gold Coins, for each item in the range of 66 silver up to 1 gold and 20 silver. Sure, you might do awesome stuff but I'm not sure how this profession could turn into an actual profit.

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  1. jsut to let you know the splinters and prisms are not random. they are dependant on what attributes the blue or green armor has. for example, if it has defense, one of the mats you will get is tytan (tytan = def)... etc. see forums for the list. I dont remember them off the top of my head. lol.

    Thanks for teh article.